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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. tonight hundreds take to d.c. streets to demand a stop to violence against the glbt
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community. >> mitt romney with a big victory in illinois. we'll report on what that might mean for rick santorum. >> the president lets loose at a ceremony with ireland's prime minister and talks about the other job the first lady was offered. new developments in the trayvon martin case. communities across the country are demanding justice for the teenager shot and killed in florida. there will be several marches and rallies in the coming days including one here in d.c. the boy was shot and killed last month while walking in a gated community in sanford, florida, suburb of orlando. he did not have a weapon. but the man suspected of shooting him, 28-year-old george zimmerman told police he felt threatened and that he acted in self-defense. zimmerman has not been charged. both the justice department and the grand jury are now investigating. and today officials from sanford, florida, were here in washington they say they welcome
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the scrutiny. >> no parent wants to hear that their son has been killed. we are interested in making sure a thorough investigation has been done. >> first of the marches will take place in new york tomorrow and end at the united nations there. on saturday, there will be a rally at freedom plaza in the district. >> three separate attacks on members of d.c.'s glbt community sparked a march against hate tonight. in two attacks victims were target foed for being game. jackie benson spoke to organizers who said it is to for those who are straight to get involved. >> reporter: they marched hundreds strong past the ihop where a 31-year-old man was shot march 11 after an altercation in which the suspect was still at large called him anti-game names. >> enough is enough. these are our neighborhoods. >> time for the straight folks to step up.
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have kur anythincourage. >> reporter: marchers continued east on georgia avenue where a 29-year-old game man was attacked and savagely beaten march 12. >> everyone stood there watched. no one called the police and just watched it happen. that's what drove me to start this event. >> the d.c. police chief. >> hate crime or bias motivated crimes targeting people perceived as being vulnerable we have to have a zero tolerance approach to that. >> reporter: among the marchers the grieving father of 23-year-old jones, a transgender woman stabbed to death at a bus stop last month. >> he is being charged with second degree murder. and we believe strongly this is a case of first degree murder. >> reporter: organizers say they were especially gratified to see that marchers came from every part of the city. reporting from northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. >> one school in fairfax has a warning for students walking to
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class in the morning. a 16-year-old girl attacked near woodson high school. the man grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to the ground. 4:00 yesterday on a path along pickett road. police canvassed the area and didn't find any one. investigators told news 4 they do not think it is related to a sex assault of a woman nearby last week >> mitt romney will go to bed feeling good about his showing in illinois. he will win the state with more than 45% of vote easily outpacing rick santorum. still a question about how far that will go in terms of united the party. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: mitt romney shored up his front-runner status in illinois. a win this one by a large margin in a big midwestern battleground state. >> join us. join us. together we are going to ensure that america's greatest days are still ahead. thanks, you guys. thank you so much.
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>> reporter: romney showed his strength. winning men and women voters in illinois. moderates and tea party activists. most said the economy was their number one concern. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. rick santorum campaigned on freedom from big government and missed an opportunity to to show he can win in the state republicans need. >> the economy. joblessness, national security concerns, the family, all boils down to one word -- that's what is at stake in this election, and it is right behind me on the banner and that's the word freedom. >> reporter: republican race boils down to delegates. santorum wins a share of illinois tonight though he failed to field delegates in some districts. mitt romney likely wins more illinois delegates. not on track to lock the nomination before the convention, but hopes after tonight that he has got enough
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momentum to score his first win in the south. so louisiana's primary saturday looms large. romney figures if he can beat santorum he will look like the sure nominee if short on delegates. steve handelsman. news 4. >> hours after a massive earthquake sent people running into the streets in mexico there doesn't appear to be major damage. no deaths reported and there are no reports of widespread destruction. 7.4 magnitude quake hit in south mexico and was strong enough to shake buildings in mexico city. 200 miles north. the president's older daughter malia is in mexico and safe according to the first lady. michelle obama release aid statement this afternoon saying malia is fine, visiting the country with classmates. >> appealing to the pope himself, is where friends and supporters of allen gross have turned. they're hoping to free the man from cuba. gross is from potomac, arrested in 2009 sentenced to 15 years in
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prison in cuba for spying. gross maintains he was in the country to help the jewish community get better access. the pope will visit cuba next week. >> woman from montgomery county saying crossing the street at the wrong place landed her jail. she tells news 4 it happened last week in downtown d.c. as she was walking to the farragut north metro station. she was stopped crossing connecticut avenue outside a cross walk stopped by a police officer. when she tried to cross the street the officer asked for her id. when she refused she was arrested. >> i asked him to take his hands off me and stop pushing me back. he radioed for help. six police officers came. put me in handcuffs then they put me in a -- a police car and drove me up to jail. >> the officer arrested her for failure to obey. she was released after spending three hours in jail. she also received a jaywalking
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tuck i ticket. court date for next month. >> people in parts of texas are cleaning up tonight after a big tornado down there and a whole lot of rain. the same storm will be causing changes to our weather. will it be tomorrow? >> not tomorrow, jim. i think tomorrow a pretty good day out there. we'll see a chance of showers and storms. two areas of storminess. one south of washington, north of richmond. south of fredericksburg. maybe storms in our region tomorrow. this is the storm out to the west that is going to produce 4 to 8 inches of rain into this area. they're expecting a tremendous amount of rain. this is a monster storm. and it will make its way towards us, very, very slowly. and it will be here for a while, maybe, just in time for the weekend i you have weekend plans you want to make sure you stay tuned. to the forecast coming up. >> thank you, doug. >> thank you, doug. >> life is beginning to return to normal in henriville, indiana where kids went back to school.
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an ef-4 tornado tore through the town and destroyed their school. for now classes are held in a church in a neighboring town. the twister had winds of 175 miles an hour. at least 13 people were killed. kids across virginia learned how to prepare for tornados today. emergency drills were held statewide. fairfax county kicked off its own three-day drill yesterday. last year, 51 tornados hit the commonwealth. the storms were blamed for killing 10, and injuring more than 100 people last april. >> some teachers in montgomery county, maryland, say they've been bullied by their school principal. they filed a lawsuit against him today. floyd stearns is principal in silver spring. six former and current staff mep berz accuse him of creating a hostile work environment. they're also suing the school board. for allegedly ignoring their complaints. >> the abuse has the gotten to the point that i couldn't, i couldn't -- i couldn't go into the building anymore.
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>> we are seeking for the board of education to do what they haven't done, step in. get rid of this principal. let these teachers be restored to the dignity they earned. >> attempts to talk to stearns today were unsuccessful. the school board calls the allegations against stearns, false and erroneous. >> effort now under way to bring maryland's new same sex marriage law to a referendum a cording to "baltimore sun." several workshops are being held to train volunteers to properly collect signature for a petition. first head tomorrow night at saint marks evangelist catholics church in hyattsville. 56,000 valid signatures are needed on the poe pa tietition. people who live in the royal plaza development in district heights say, they had their cars towed for parking in their lot. that's despite paying a homeowners association to maintain that lot. turns out somebody bought the
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parking lot without their knowledge, didn't want anybody parking there. the dispute is still being settled. but for now, tenants can park without fear of being towed. >> tonight the second person to undergo a full facial transplant in our country is recovering at the university of maryland medical center. doctors completed 36-hour procedure today in baltimore. the transplant recipient is the 37-year-old american man, more details will be released in a news conference next week. the hospital says this was the most extensive face transplant performed to date. an extended st. patrick's day celebration at the white house this evening. president obamawell c welcomed irish prime minister. the third time the two leaders have met in the past year. this time kelly brought along some company. the entourage included the president, president obama's cousin, and the bartender from
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the pub where the obamas enjoyed a pint of guinness last year. >> he was interested in hiring michelle. i said she's too busy. maybe at the end of our second term. >> the president says today's visit was pay back for the hospitality shown to him during his visit. still ahead on news 4 at 11:00. the maryland student behind a worldwide phenomenon. taking his courageous attitude back into the hospital for round two of chemotherapy. what he told news 4 tonight from his hospital bed. >> a judge sent one of the stars of the harry potter movies to prison. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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these torched remains of a montgomery county ride on bus have drivers afraid for their lives. the engine compartment caught fire in the glenmont area. nobody was hurt. this is the sixth ride-on bus fire to happen in three years. all on the shorter 30-foot buses. brake or circuit problems have caused fires in the past. a cast member from all six harry potter films will spend two years in prison. a judge sentenced him for his involvement in riots that flared across england last year. he played a bully named crabb in
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the potter films. the jury found him guilty of violent disorder but cleared him of intent to destroy for damage property. he is now 22 years old. another popular book and movie franchise is expected to influence fashion in the coming months. the hunger games hits theaters thursday. some style bloggers say the utilitarian style of the main character, is already serving as an inspiration at least one cosmetics company is releasing nail polish colors inspired by this film. producers have launched a website, capitalcouture to showcase outlandish fashions in the movie. tonight the university of maryland student, of the zaching craze is back in the hospital. he is not letting it get to him. he traded e-mails to night. >> e-mails, text messages. zach may be back in the hospital
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for round two of chemotherapy, for the brain tumor, but he has got a new look and if it is possible, even more positive attitude. with this picture from earlier today, zach says he is hoping to prove that, bald is beautiful. he says he got through his first round of chemowith very few side effects. he says he is in great spirits thanks in part to all the zaching foe no tzac zaching photos. since january, thousand of pictures of people around the world. by showing their support doing the strongman pose. some of the hospital patients tell him they have felt encouraged by the outpouring. that inspired zach to start a nonprofit, zaching against cancer. with it zach says he hopes to provide support strength and in spir ration inspiration to cancer patients and those connected to him. the university of maryland basketball manager says while at john hopkins he will have five round of chemoand six weeks of
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radiation. we wish him well. jim. doreen. awe we do indeed. a whole lot of people pulling for him. thank you. >> doug is here with more about the weather forecast. sound like the nice weather is limited time offer. >> it is limited. knew it would be. can't expect the weather to be this great in march. almost two weeks of phenomenal weather. i think we are going to get through the end of the week. that's when things go downhill a little bit. take a look outside now. a beautiful night. had dinner little earlier around dupont circle. the place was packed. absolutely packed. all the outdoor, outdoor areas to eat tonight were 100% packed. gorgeo gorgeous. with a temperature of 63, 11:00 at night. middle of march. that's sawing something. high, 72. low this morning, 62. the highest low temperature we have ever seen on this date. that is a record. .1 inch of rain this morning. coming from the morning thunderstorms that woke many of us up. 72, leesburg. the high temperature today. near 80, culpeper.
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77, fredericksburg. temperatures tomorrow will be very similar to what they were today. maybe a degree or two warmer as i do think we'll see sunshine. 63 degrees. temperature out there right now. with calm winds. currently. dew point of 58. temperatures are not going to go below that 58 degree numbers we get closer to the dew point. we may see fog devil up arouelo the area. stanton, 54 in charlottesville. 66 in culpeper. and waldorf, 58. storm 4 radar. nothing to show you in the immediate area. south of fredericksburg, different story. big mass of showers and thunderstorms. saw them to the north earlier. now making their way down to the south. if you are driving i-95 this evening. getting ready to do so tomorrow. going to go through bug-time storms, down through raleigh. i expect a chance of showers and storms tomorrow in our area.
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not a washout. the washout comes i think this weekend unfortunately. it comes with this. a huge storm. and this storm, really, really big. all the way back towards texas. really encompassing the state of texas. and the gulf moisture traveling straight out of the gulf all the way to canada. temperatures in minnesota, were in the 60s and 70s. in chicago, has seen record high temperatures, for five straight days that. that is how much warm air is ahead of us. the rain will impact us as we make our way towards the weekend. shower activity tomorrow afternoon. not a washout. but i do expect a better chance of thunderstorms. any thunderstorms could produce locally heavy rain. same deal thursday. rather warm. a chance for thunderstorms. call it about 30% chance. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. areas of fog with a shower possible. tomorrow afternoon. temperatures getting little bit warmer. 72, to 77 degrees. with a few showers. maybe a thunderstorm. but once again, not everybody is going to see them.
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79 on your thursday. 80 on friday. some areas will be in the low to mid 80s. and then here cups t comed the . if you have weekend plans. may want to rethink them. areas, a lot of rain. honing in on the forecast to see what the storm does. right now thinking maybe an inch to two inches of rain. could be a lot. >> oh, my. i guess some of the flowers could use it. >> yes, it's true. >> thanks, doug. >> always looking on positive side. >> trying, trying. >> coming up, sports. city title games in basketball. and steven straussburg, looking
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the men's teams getting far in the big dance. some of the women are kicking butt. >> some women's teams are doing great. we have one local team in the sweet 16. georgetown women hoping to make it two. hoping to do something a men's team hasn't done in a while. make it back to back sweet 16. sugar rodgers and hoyas playing georgia tech. sh sugar not so sweet. 4-19. who stepped up? time winding down. georgetown down by eight. gets the steal. the hoop and the harm. hoyas down by six at the break. georgetown could not find an answer for sydney wallace. the freshman dropped 28. coming off the bench. he goes for 23 tonight. georgia tech wins it, 76-64. ending the hoyas season in the second round.
11:26 pm
nationals trying to urine out t -- nationals trying to iron out the kinks. straussburg taking on the nets. no score. bottom of the fourth. look at straussburg. gets him. right? no. he thought he struck out. it's a ball. straussburg has to deal again. this is what happens. the very next pitch, doing some damage. it is a home run. out of the park. got to be careful when you say that don't you. don't say that too many times fast. just one of two hits. given up by straussburg. five innings. gives up one run. only one. strikes out three. takes the loss. the nationals fall. straussburg, 0-3 this spring. the important thing is he is getting better. city titles on the line at verizon. a battle for basketball supremacy. the six-man crowd. battling against the coolidge
11:27 pm
crazies. got to like the fandemonium. up early. in the first half. the three. three of 15. coolidge is down by 10 at break. second half. playing defense. kevin dorsey with the steal. nice little move right here. wins it 70-64. panthers first ever city championship. girls' title game. tight game. third quarter. ronnie bell. knocking down the three from the corner right here. she had 12 foints points in the. warriors down by two. fourth quarter. good counsel. 27 turnovers. chanel green. steal and basket. woodson wins it. 66-64. how good are the guy? the third city championship in
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the last five years. you can tell they're a wee bit excited. congratulations to the victors tonight. >> talk about perennial
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nbc's hit show "smash" shows the tough world of trying to succeed on broadway. today a local teenage actress showed drama students how close the show comes to the real world. part of an nbc 4 program for fairfax county schools,
11:32 pm
moderated by angie goff, doug, herndon alumni. where were you today? after a viewing of smash, actress june shriner opened up about what it is look to compete for roles. in real life you might audition right next to a rival and be forcinged to learn dances on the spot. shriner starred in arena stage's production of oklahoma. i saw the production she was fantastic in it. >> they had a choice at herndon of having angie or -- [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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